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Simon Janicki, HCM DeckSimon Janicki, Co-founder and CEO
In today’s era of continuous tech-driven disruption, the overall business landscape has been experiencing transformative changes in the way they approach clients, deliver their offerings, and expand operations. Despite all the emerging technology, human resources remain a critical aspect of business success. As a result, the human resource arena has been witnessing the rise of innovative HR startups that are developing nextgen solutions and services geared to help HR departments improve their employee experience within their firms and, in the process, ensure ongoing business expansion. In the pursuit of creating offerings specifically designed to enhance the efficiency of HR processes, these companies are recognising the most prevalent challenges that hinder the day-to-day and overarching duties of HR executives.

One such problem is the management and maintenance of employee development programs, which are a vital facet in a firm’s overall workforce growth. Recognising this issue and how severely it can affect a company from achieving effective organisational success, Simon Janicki and Rafal Nieluschowski, co-founders of HCM Deck, employ stateof- the-art technologies to help its clients automate employee development and create a compelling, modern-day employee experience. HCM Deck is a cloud enterprise platform that helps modern companies automate employee development and create a compelling, modern-day employee experience.

The company was founded in 2016 after the Janicki- Nieluschowski duo successfully leveraged their 16-year experience in the HR and learning and development (L&D) arena to build MyNetwork—one of Europe’s leading e-learning companies. “The experience and a deep understanding of enterprise L&D market helped us build HCM Deck with success and almost instant product-market fit,” says Nieluschowski, co-founder and CTO at HCM Deck.
Today, the company has carved itself a unique spot in the employee development and enterprise L&D across Europe, with customers including Allianz, Lerory Merlin, Volkswagen, and Nationale Nederlanden others.

Discussing the core competencies of his platform, Nieluschowski elaborates, “By combining enterprise features with positive user experience and data analytics, we meet the most important needs of big companies, L&D departments, and modern-day employees.” Currently, HCM Deck’s portfolio comprises products that are designed to enhance the three core aspects of an employee’s development: learning, communication, and feedback. Apart from these offerings, the company also offers features that are specially built to boost traditionally cumbersome HR processes such as employee onboarding, offboarding, and outplacement. Additionally, HCM Deck also boasts a highly secure and reliable environment for workforce management, maintaining compliance with EU’s GDPR, the ISO 27001, the EU-US privacy shield, and the PCI-DSS regulations for data privacy and security. Above all, the company emphasises complete client satisfaction, which achieves with HCM Deck’s unparalleled customer support offerings.

With such unmatched capabilities, HCM Deck has ignited several client success stories since its inception. In one instance, the company helped Poland-based leading hospitality firm Qubus replace their unintuitive and convoluted employee e-learning system. After approaching HCM Deck with their need, Qubus Hotel was able to onboard all of their employees (over 600), offer userfriendly tests, surveys, and training regimes in newer and more efficient ways, aid executives align training programs with the needs of their employees, and more.

Similarly, the company has assisted several other firms from different industry sectors to improve employee experiences and drive effective development. In 2016, HCM Deck’s success led it to be featured as one of the top 10 Polish startups, and since then, the company has been experiencing a 100 percent year-on-year growth. More recently, HCM Deck successfully raised 2.9 million Euros through mAccelearator—a 50 million Euro venture capital fund. And with numerous other investors looking to invest in HCM Deck’s holistic approach towards addressing the core needs of today’s human capital management processes, the company is poised to create waves in the future of HR and enterprise L&D.
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HCM Deck

HCM Deck

Kraków, Małopolska

Simon Janicki, Co-founder and CEO and Rafal Nieluschowski, Co-founder and CTO

HCM Deck is a cloud enterprise platform that helps modern companies automate employee development and create a compelling, modern-day employee experience