HR Tools Need to Flex Around the Cultures and Industries That They are Sold Into

By David Hanrahan, Ex HR Director, Twitter

David Hanrahan, Ex HR Director, Twitter

My Wish List

As the needs and practices of HR organizations evolve, I have three wishes for the landscape of enterprise HR tools.

1. Increased Adaptability:HR tools need to flex around the cultures and industries that they are sold into. I’m always amazed at conversations with  enterprise teams, when we ask “can we make the tool do x” and the answer is no. There are tools we’ve encountered that look exactly like the product of  one of our competitors and when we asked, “Can we change the look and feel of this so it doesn’t look like our competitor?” - The immediate answer was no, killing any future conversation. This shouldn't be so difficult.

2. Predictive and Intelligent Analytics: Of all the presentations I’ve sat in on regarding enterprise HR tools, the one’s that stand out most are those, where  we were shown a feature on predictive analytics. Meaning, “The tool takes your data and tells you whether or not you’re going to have a problem on x and  when.” Any tool can house data and churn out spreadsheets. I want the tool that gives me added value and knows what I’m going to need on a data set and when.

3. Simplified User Experience: Two of our values are about defending / respecting the user and simplifying. I believe the two work well together. By building  HR tools that can be rigorous in their simplicity, you will have a tremendous advantage amongst competitors. I’m amazed at how many times simple  reports, transactions, or pages require a myriad of clicks or are strangely buried beneath less important features.

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